Crossfield Cottage

Mark & Carolyn Huckel are the 4th and current owners of Crossfield Cottage:

On January 30th 2015 we purchased & took ownership of 85 Gaskell Rd naming it after John and Margaret Crossfield. The name seemed fitting as we have ties with the Crossfield family.

Since renovating we have also got to know the nephew and his wife of the first owners.

We took ownership of this tired and run down old home from
January 30th 2015, then finally we opened on 25th of March 2017.

Our dream was and has been to own and run a B&B/self contained cottage to bless others with a lovely place to stay.

We have 3 Children: Aaron, Emily and Chelsea, who all helped us at different times to renovate this home: as it’s been a family project.

It has been a time of happiness; we have shed a few tears, moments of frustration, lots of joy and determination.

We are a part of Riverland Central Christian Church, Glossop.   You are most welcome to come along or even connect into another church in our region.

Mark is a Driving instructor and Carolyn works at Rivergum College as an ELS.

Our Region:  We love to share our knowledge of the area but we can also point you to our local tourist offices as well.

There is always something interesting happening, no matter what time of the year you choose to visit.

Check out our list of our personal recommendations of places we know and love.

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful part of the world and sharing our Cottage with you.

This beautiful old cottage is here to be shared.

We are committed to providing personal service with attention to detail.

Striving to achieve client satisfaction from first point of contact, through all correspondence as we proudly present our property or service to each guest.

Crossfield Cottage was once known as Bonview, as from the veranda you can see a slight view of the lake.  We have been told when there is a summer storm, the lightning over Lake Bonney is amazing to see.

Our region has great food, wine, events and activities.  Having Lake Bonney and the Murray River is a huge bonus to our region of the Riverland.  We are about promoting local food and wine in the cottage, as well as olive oil, soaps, figs, capers, dried fruit, local fruit and vege.  Even things made by small local business like chopping boards, bath caddy, garden art, paintings and photography.

This was a dream that has become a reality…..
We want to show what the Riverland does best…….

And let people stay in a cottage with character and charm, adding a dash of luxury.

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