Extras & Indulgences

We can accommodate small changes for diet requirements depending on availability:  Please ask.

Breakfast Options:  Only 1 option can be ordered for a stay for all guests

  • Choice 1:  (2 or more nights) Gourmet breakfast provisions: provided for guests, which includes bread, full cream milk, Breakfast juice or orange juice or apple juice, eggs, sausages, bacon with tomatoes to cook at your own leisure and liking.   You will also have cereals and a variety of condiments to enjoy.
  • Choice 2: (2 or more nights)  Tub of Yogurt, Fresh Fruit, Muffins, Condiments, Cereals, full cream Milk & breakfast juice or orange juice or apple juice.

*Breakfast (overnight stay ): Bread or muffins, condiments, 2 pieces of fruit, cereals, Fruit Yogurt or Greek Yogurt, full cream milk, juice breakfast or orange juice or apple juice, hot beverages.


Choice of 1:  Complimentary drink      (2 or more nights stay only)

  • Riverland Red wine / White wine/ Port.
  • Jachmanns Cider (1 bottle per person)
  • The Arnold Brothers: Lemon Cooler (1 bottle per person)
  • Angoves Ginger Beer (1 bottle per person)
  • Sparkling Apple Juice
  • Small Chocolate milk or juice for children

Indulgent Extras:

“Value adds to your Stay”

  • Grazing Board – Cheese and Antipasto
  • Ploughmans Board – Bread, Cheese, pickled onions/ gherkins/cornichon, pickle/chutney, celery, cold meats, apple or pear, radish, olives
  • Vegetarian platter – vegetables, hummus, olives, cream cheese, fruit, seeds & nuts.
  • BBQ meat pack:  meat sourced from local butchers accompanied with a tossed salad (Lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, feta, olives, capsicum, red onion) &  crusty bread:  local bakery.
  • Fruit platter: Seasonal Fruit available
  • Strawberries & chocolate: dipping sauce for 2
  • Chocolate delight platter: (assortment of Chocolates) 
  • Riverland Dried Fruit Platter

Choose to add any of these extras,  so that we can accommodate your needs for a great stay.

*All things subject to availability