Happy Paddocks

John & Margaret Crossfield were the 3rd owners of Crossfield Cottage

John Allan Crossfield was born in the Yorkshire village of Seacroft on the 29th November, 1935.
John migrated to Australia with his family on the ship, New Australia, and arrived on the 18th December 1950.
Margaret June Dixon was born in the Old Berri Hospital on the 27th of June, 1938 to Robert Forbes and Agnes Dixon (nee Nielson).
In the late 1960’s, while in the Orient hotel in The Rocks, Sydney, watching a jazz band play, John and Margaret met. They courted for three or four years, before Margaret proposed to John, and they were
married on the 6th of November, 1971 at St Barnabas Anglican Church in Westmead.
In 1976, John and Margaret (now with 18-month-old David), travelled in their caravan from the Lightening Ridge opal fields in NSW to Barmera.  In 1977, “Bonview” (Crossfield cottage was known as “BonVeiw” once upon a time. When the grape vines are pruned you can look out and see Lake Bonney from the veranda) on Gaskell Road was offered to them, and they bought it as their first and only home.

While John worked as a carpenter and joiner, Margaret worked part-time for the radiologist at the Barmera hospital.

Emma was born in Barmera in June 1978, an early fortieth birthday present for Margaret.

John’s interests were many and varied over his life, including; Jiu-Jitsu, sailing Heron-class yachts, canoeing, stained glass window making, and restoring stationary engines.

Margaret’s hobbies included The Penguin Club (a public-speaking group for women) and golf. Margaret used to hit golf balls from the front veranda towards Gaskell Road as practice. If you stumble across any old golf-balls as you walk around the grounds, chances are they are hers!

Both John and Margaret have passed on now, and are survived and fondly

remembered by their children, who now have families and children of their own. David & Emma loved growing up here. Their home was a peaceful and love-filled one. They are really pleased that you can stay here as well, and hope that your time here is the same.

The painting hung in the bedroom is a reminder of the lingering love story of the Crossfield’s courting days. It is a painting visualising a song by the “Four Brothers”

“Seven Daffodils”

I may not have mansion, I haven’t any land
Not even a paper dollar to crinkle in my hands
But, I can show you morning on a thousand hills
And, kiss you and give you seven daffodils.
I do not have a fortune to buy you pretty things
But, I can weave you moonbeams for necklaces and rings
And I can show you morning on a thousand hills
And kiss you and give you seven daffodils.
Oh, seven golden daffodils all shining in the sun
To light our way to evening when our day is done
And I will give music and a crust of bread
And a pillow of piny boughs to rest your head.
A pillow of piny boughs to rest your head…