“The cottage’s interior design”

When we took ownership of this old home we suddenly thought, how is this going to look! How are we going to create a place that is depicted to the building. The garden is a link with the cottage. Everything telling a story & history of the cottage.

The cottage is a combination of repurposing with a personal flair and with a new twist. Colours and textures blend together to create a look that is warm, relaxed, a home away from home.

Eclectic, vintage with an overall of the cottage decorating makes the most of the space by combining new, and found reclaimed treasures. Keeping with the history & honouring those who loved the house before us.

Crossfield Cottage with its old world character & charm, is a self contained cottage with everything you need for a romantic bed & breakfast, a getaway for a family holiday or a retreat for couples to relax and enjoy in this perfect location.

Keeping with its charm we have kept its cozy wood fire, high ceilings, floorboards and a slipper claw foot bath making it a unique experience for all our guests in this lovely old home with the benefit of modern facilities as well.

It is a pleasure to restore this old home and to now tell the story of its history but also sharing our cottage with others to enjoy and be blessed.

A Fisherman & A Pelican

10th June 2019  June Long Weekend

A early Monday morning at Lake Bonney, Barmera  sits a fisherman & a pelican just waiting, watching & hoping.   

“That catch for the morning” or a “breakfast for another”. 

Sometimes its about watching, waiting & hoping.   “waiting with anticipation”  


Photo: Crossfield Cottage B&B




The Pelican

Interesting facts about The Pelican

Pelicans are large waterbirds that make up the family: Pelecanidae. They are characterised by a long beak and a large throat pouch used for catching prey and draining water from the scooped-up contents before swallowing.

Did you know “Many pelicans fish by swimming in cooperative groups.

They may form a line or a “U” shape and drive fish into shallow water by beating their wings on the surface.

When fish congregate in the shallows, the pelicans simply scoop them up”. We are fortunate to host many of these stunning birds along the mighty Murray.

Facts and Figures

Minimum Size: 160cm, Maximum Size: 180cm
Average size: 170cm
Breeding season: At any time of the year
Clutch Size: 1 to 3 eggs
Incubation: 35 days
Nestling Period: 28 days