“Vintage in the RIverland”


“The Riverland in South Australia is a long established, warm climate producing region, located east of the Barossa Valley.  It extends for 330 km along the Murray River from Blanchtown to Paringa”  Quote: http://www.riverlandwine.com.au


🍇A little taste of Vintage time in the Riverland.

Families are collectively involved during this really busy time of the year. Long days, working through the nights.
Grape Harvesters moving through vineyards, Truck drivers transporting grapes, wineries in full swing & we get to see the big machines at work.
Some vineyards still pick by hand to take their grapes off the vines.

Liam Mason of Barmera, South Australia

“Liam”   On Saturday my Grandparents had their shiraz grapes harvested.  This footage I took early in the morning of their nephew, Brett harvesting the grapes with his harvester.  It took 4 hours to pick this patch”

Thanks to Liam a Middle School Student at Rivergum Christian College where I also work.

Liam sent up his drone for me to caputre a “taste of vintage time in the region”.

He also then added the soundtrack  #Riverlandwine #LiamMasonProductions

“Indulge your Senses”

The sensual beauty and heavenly décor that takes you back in time, a place to relax, unwind & to soak up the country air with the skies above on show day or night and in any season in the Riverland. Water brings tranquillity and a sense of calm to any space and it’s about immersing yourself in an intimate environment & connecting to the nature around you, with the sky above and the cottage garden around you.
Outdoor bathrooms are beautiful spaces to indulge your senses for you to just feel connected to the outdoors like you do in the claw foot- bath at Crossfield Cottage B&B.

One should never underestimate the power of a good bath, especially if…even better when you’re soaking under the stars with a glass of Riverland wine & Riverland dried fruit or chocolate-coated semi sun-dried figs.

Senses can be heightened while enjoying the Sensory stimulation is the activation of one or more of the senses including taste, smell, vision, hearing, and touch.

It can range from something as simple as a hand massage with scented lotion or listening to a playlist of favourite music to more complicated activities designed to provide a sensory experience.

Taste and savour the wine, dried fruit, chocolate, cheese or strawberries.

Hear the outdoor sounds, soft music, and the conversation of a loved one or the silence.

Smell the fragrant lotion, bubble bath, bath bomb or the garden fragrances.

See the night sky with the stars and moon above, the sunlight of the morning or the festoon lights above you.

The Touch of a massage, the water beneath you, the exfoliating to care for your skin or the lotion rubbed into the skin.

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