Why the Love of a Hollyhock

This time of year as I wander around the garden at Crossfield Cottage I can’t help but admire the classic cottage flowers that we have in the garden at the moment, known as the “The Hollyhock”.

They bloom early to mid summer on tall spikes that look like they want to reach to the heavens to show off their beauty.

Holly hocks support the lifecycle of the painted lady butterflies as a host plant for their caterpillars & also attract other pollinators such as bees in which they move to one flower to another which fertilizers the plant & other flowers within the garden.

We have an abundent of colours popping up standing tall each striving to be taller than the other plant.

This is a plant that has a special memory for us as a family.

Our Gran would have hollyhocks in her garden, to the amazement of us all.  My Mother in law, sister in law and myself would collect seeds and put them in to a paper bag or envelopeand then scatter into our gardens.  In which none of us had success in growing these classic flowers.

Until my husband and I brought Crossfield cottage and started renovating, it was then that I was able to source some seeds, to give it another go at growing those hollyhocks.  As Gran had passed on they were not her seeds but the memory of her would still be there.

We scattered seeds amongst the plants at the garden and to my suprise & joy I saw these beautiful flowers being showcased at Crosfield Cottage B&B.   For not only for us, but for all our guest to enjoy when they stay at Crossfield Cottage B&B.


In Memory:  Gran Udy

“A Country Pumpkin Soup”

Country Winter Warmer

That soup that warms the heart and feeds the soul.

Evening has arrived, wood fire is on and its time to enjoy a simple winter soup that can warm you up after

a day of exploring the regions walking trails.

Ingredients combined together bubbling away bring out the fragrance of the soup.

Some say “comfort food” others may say “winter warmers”.

I say a pumpkin soup on a Friday night is just what’s needed.



Winters Pumpkin soup with crusty cheese sour dough slices. 

A good size Kent pumpkin

4 litres of vegetable stock

1 large onion

4 small potatoes

1 large carrot

3 cloves of crushed garlic

Salt & Pepper



Crusty Sourdough slices: grill tasty and Parmesan cheese